I am Racist

Technically  what I’m calling racist does’t count as racism. I’m talking about a big prejudice that I have against white people. According to the widely accepted definitions of racism you can only really be racist to a group that  has gone through  tremendous struggles or who are seen by majority of a population as lesser than. I have argued that you can be racist against whites depending on where you live. In  some communities that are mostly black, lighter skinned people or people of Caucasian decent are seen as lesser and do go through many struggles because of their race, but I digress. I’ll stick to saying I am prejudice against white people instead.

I realized on my trip to  New York that I have a very clear perception of what white people represent. On a train I saw an average white man  staring at me, and I was instantly afraid. I thought he looks like someone who would kidnap and kill me. I realized after seeing  a white man with a mustache ,who I thought looked like a rapist, that I have a serious issue.

In the narrative of my life being from the Caribbean the white man has always been portrayed as the bad guy.(Isn’t this different from the black man  is bad perspective)

White people have been the root of slavery, genocides, the holocaust  all of it ! I have come to think of them as the evil of this world. When I think of the devil I think of a white man with blonde hair and blue eyes. Isn’t that sad ?


Even in my daily life, when seeing things on the internet that seem dumb or cruel my usual response while rolling my eyes is “white people.”  Does that make me a bad person? I don’t know. As much as I feel like the history  shows me why whites are not to be trusted and I should feel disdain when it comes to them , I know that I cannot  Judge a whole group by the mistakes of some of them . I cannot treat those in the present day for the ideals of people in the past


Though my distrust is deeply rooted. I am trying everyday to at least not think every white person I see is a vindictive, racist murder. I think that is the best I can do, and I owe it to those  who are not  the stereotype   to give them a chance.

I am probably going to still think and say “white people” when I see dumb things on the internet but at least now I am aware of my bias.eqj4atkl7xz7thmthtmh.jpg


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