Lust …

I have random thoughts when I see people. Today I was on a plane and saw a guy I knew from college. He was  there with his girlfriend who had been with him for years now. I could not help but feel disdain  in looking at the happy couple. No, not because I’m a bitter old cat woman who will die alone in a house that will appear on hoarders, but because the guy is notoriously unfaithful. I remembered how many girls  he had been sleeping with in college  even though this very same girl was his girlfriend at the time. I remember hearing rumors about it even after I left university as he was having sex with a couple of my friends at the time.

This really made me think of how much we allow lust to rule the things that we do. I don’t really know if it is worse now than it was before but we are a lot more privy to what people do via the openness that we apparently feel with social media.  I noted that they were not in an open relationship (yes I asked because I’m nosey) but how much of a norm it seemed to him and those around him that he was so promiscuous. What I also noted is that the girls he did his deeds with knew he was in a relationship. We have become so used to satisfying our lust we disregard other people. This goes back to what I said in one of my other posts. We are so self absorbed, we only think about ourselves, how we feel,  and  what we want. I don’t really remember when this happened but this is the culture perpetuated by this generation.  I never want to dictate others lives but for me I don’t think this is the right attitude. When  we are all out only for ourselves the basic courtesies of human co-existence goes out the window. I really think this way of living is slowly dismantling the systems we have in place to co exist in peace. This self absorbed attitude has been the cause of many upsets throughout history when you think about it , slavery, genocide even the status of those living in extreme poverty is a result of those  who are in power looking out only for themselves. I don’t know how I feel about us “the enlightened generation” following that path, thinking that its the cool thing to be self absorbed. These things really make me wonder are we making progress as a species or will we continue to behave the same way getting the same results, and being content in our madness.


Daily Prompt: Lust


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