One of the biggest debates I get into on my page is on vaccines. I am of the strong belief that vaccines are necessary for a healthy child and by extension a healthy society. Have you ever seen a child with whooping cough ??? Its one of the most painful things I have ever seen in my life. In recent years things like measles have been making a come back  because of those who choose not to get vaccinated. Usually I’m all for differing opinions but I do not condone actions of others that affect the whole population.

One of the arguments individuals use when they do not vaccinate their children is  “if vaccines really work why is my unvaccinated child a risk to yours who has been vaccinated” Now this is a whole thing on its own. When most of the population is vaccinated  it decreases the likelihood that someone would come into contact with the virus. This  lessens the chances of that virus being brought into an area and spread as most people are vaccinated. In  every place there are people who cannot be vaccinated  for whatever reason, the most likely of these being that they are immunocompromised. This means the immune system does not work as it should. For these people vaccines would not be recommended but because most people around them are vaccinated the chance of them coming into contact with the disease is lessened. Now here is where unvaccinated people come in. If  more and more people are unvaccinated  there is a higher likelihood of  exposure to   viruses. These viruses can  be spread among those who are unvaccinated including those who are immunocompromised which causes major complications to their health. When these viruses are given hosts it also gives them time and leeway  to mutate. These viruses mutate in a way that the vaccines  do not work and an epidemic can occur.

The other big issue with those who  decide to remain unvaccinated is the idea that vaccines cause autism. Now I am not saying that vaccines are perfect,they are not. There are numerous things in vaccines that really shouldn’t be there. However in healthy individuals vaccines are  not a risk in getting. There are issues with those who are immuno compromised or those who my be deficient in some  nutrient. Generally vaccines are safe. I’m not a scientist so I can’t give you the science behind it but this video really   gives you an idea of vaccines and why they may seem to be  as bad as people think they are. There are precautions to take yes, but not vaccinating your child is not something you should be messing with. Watch the video!


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