Learn to Be disappointed

The first time i was really disappointed I was 11. In my country we do an exam to get into high school.  There are certain percentages you have to get to make it to your top school. We indicated  the top schools we wanted to go to and did the exam

I was obsessed with a school called Holy Name Convent. I thought  it was awesome and I had friends that had passed for there the year before. I even bought the black school shoe that was  part of the school uniform. On results day my heart was in my throat  and as I opened it my heart dropped into my toe. I hadn’t passed for Holy Name. I had missed it by 1%. My paper instead said  Providence Girl’s Catholic School. I was devastated. I cried  and cried, what a disaster!

My mom told me  it was still a good school and to go ahead and see how it goes. I spent two years at Providence before my family moved to Tobago. My Point? I loved Providence . I learned a lot about  life and about myself. I made great friends and was genuinely happy.

I learned then that you don’t always get what you want…but you sure as hell get what you need.

I try to remember this when things don’t go my way these days, and look at new unexpected opportunities and even  the things I consider tragedies as something needed for my growth.


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